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以下原文是來自美國的學員Trisha的真心分享!她非常滿意我們ICIF與FIP (義大利糕點協會) 合辦的義式甜點課程,扎扎實實的課程,週一至週五,每天8小時,連續三週完整培訓,兩張證照一次完成!

“Good morning my name‘s Trisha, I’m American, I am twenty seven years old and I work as a financial officer for a not-for-profit association. 

Ever since I was 13 years old that I’m passionate about #pastry and I love make desserts, so I decided to try to take an intensive course by eight hours every day, to see if I really like pastry, not only as hobby, but also professionally and I can say that I’m very satisfied with the choice.

My creation is a #Bavarian resting on a pistachio #biscuit, on the biscuit there is one layer of a #pistachio cream and one of white chocolate and in the Bavarian, as you can see, there is a rectangle of wild #berries palet that resumes the coverage”.

Discover all the recipes that you will learn following the course, and enroll now! 

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